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Dreams Become Reality

From Diamond Glory to Meat Industry Innovation

Our story begins with Gerardo Parra, whose determination and passion propelled him from the baseball fields of Venezuela to the grandest stages of Major League Baseball. He epitomizes that dreams, with effort and dedication, turn into reality. Parra carved an impressive path in the sport, leaving his mark on Major League teams such as the Arizona Diamondbacks, Milwaukee Brewers, Baltimore Orioles, among others, and culminating his baseball career with a triumph in the 2019 World Series with the Washington Nationals.
However, Parra’s success isn’t confined to the playing field. Hailing from a region and family deeply rooted in ranching, Gerardo kept his passion for this sector alive even at the peak of his sports career. This passion, combined with a vision to revolutionize access to quality meat, led him to co-found YOLO8 alongside Luis Schoeter, an expert rancher and a friend from his homeland.

Premium Meat at Supermarket Prices.

Commitment to Excellence A Promise of Quality and Passion

YOLO8’s commitment to excellence is unwavering. Every piece of meat selected under the YOLO8 seal is a testament to quality, flavor, and freshness. This commitment stems from Gerardo’s passion for realizing his dreams and his desire to share this passion with the world. At YOLO8, the promise is clear: to offer only the best because our customers deserve to enjoy excellence at an unbeatable price. To achieve this, we innovate in a meat dispatch process where we eliminate all possible intermediaries and reduce the costs of long cold chains, thus ensuring the delivery of fresh products at an unbeatable cost.

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We have partnered with local ranchers in Texas to make this reality possible. At YOLO8, we closely collaborate with ranchers who raise livestock in the most natural and healthy way possible.


Welcome to the YOLO8 Family

Our mission at YOLO8 goes beyond delivering the highest quality meat; it is to facilitate a culinary experience that transforms every meal into something extraordinary. We invite you to discover what it means to have the best of both worlds at your fingertips: the excellence of a premium product and the convenience and fair price you deserve. Welcome to a new era of culinary enjoyment. Welcome to YOLO8, where your satisfaction is our passion and your table, our pride.